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Special Effect: Squibs at 0:10. Buildings topple and sparks 0:16-0:26.

Special Effect: Meteor crash and smoke 0:09-0:18.

Special Effect: Birthday candle sparks 0:27-0:31.

Special Effect: Smoke, flames, sparks, & debris 5:15-6:08.

Special Effect: Flames, Gerbs, & LSG 0:01-0:05.

Special Effect: Atmospheric smoke, flames, & sparks throughout.

Special Effect: Atmospheric smoke, flames, sparklers, colored smoke grenades, & flares throughout.

Special Effect: Black smoke, flames, & ash throughout. Gas bomb explosion at 2:45.

Special Effect: Burning tree 1:03-1:05. Cat tails 1:47-1:50.

Special Effect: Sparks, flame trail, cryo wall, & frozen car 0:22-0:32. Fire trail & sparks 0:56-1:00.

Special Effect: Light bulb explodes & sparks around car 0:32-0:37.

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