Add Link

    Create and upload jpg logo file
  1. Crop new logo source image to minimize outside margins
  2. Resize logo to be 75px high
  3. Click "Media" link in black left column of Dashboard
  4. Click "Add New" and Drag and Drop new logo photo to Media Input box
    Update Links page
  1. Click "Pages" in left black column of Dashboard
  2. Find "Links" page and click "edit"
    1. If no empty cells on bottom row, create new row of (3) empty cells
    2. Click "Layout Elements" tab
    3. Click "1/3" icon (3) times to create new row of (3) empty cells
  3. Find left most empty cell on bottom row
  4. Click "Media Elements" tab
  5. Drag and Drop "Image" icon to middle of empty cell
  6. Click on center of new Media content box in empty cell
  7. Click "Insert Image" button"
  8. Click on center of logo image just uploaded to Media Library
  9. Click blue "Insert" button in bottom right of screen
  10. Select Left from "Image Alignment" drop down
  11. Click "Link Settings" tab
  12. Select "Set Manually" from Image Link dropdown
  13. Type in link's URL in input box just below Image Link dropdown
  14. Select "Open in New Window" in Open Window dropdown
  15. Click blue "Save" button
  16. Click "Content Elements" tab
  17. Drag and Drop Code Box icon inside the new link cell and just below the image box you just edited
    (For each "Link" cell there are (3) objects; The cell itself, (outermost object), and the Image and Code Block objects which sit inside the Cell object. Where you "Drop" the Code Box object will determine if it sits above or below the Image object. It should be below)
  18. Click on center of Code Block of any previously entered Link cells.
    (You need to copy the code as "boilerplate" for new cell)
  19. Select code and perform a Control-C to copy
  20. Click "X" in upper right corner of this Code Block.
    (You don`t want to make any inadvertent changes to this existing Code Block)
  21. Click center of Code Block in new cell
  22. Perform Control-V to paste code into Code Block
  23. Edit code to reflect link's name, address, and phone number
  24. Click blue "Save" button
  25. Click the "Edit Cell" pencil/paper icon of the Cell object, (outermost object)
  26. Click "Layout" tab
  27. Check "Apply the same value to all" box
  28. Enter 5px into "padding-top" box
  29. Click "Border" tab
  30. Select 2px border
  31. Enter #161616 as border color
  32. Click "Colors" tab
  33. Select "Background Color" as Background
  34. Enter #dddddd as Custom Background Color
  35. Click blue "Save" button
  36. Click blue "Update" button in upper right
  37. You are Done !!

Change or Remove Link

    Change Link
  1. Click "Pages" in left black column of Dashboard
  2. Find "Links" page and click "edit"
  3. To change logo
    1. Follow steps in Add Link instructions to prepare and upload photo
    2. Click center of old logo that is getting replaced
    3. Click "Insert Image" button
    4. Check newly uploaded photo in Media Gallery
    5. Click "Insert Photo"
    6. Click blue "Save" button
    7. Click blue "Update" button in upper right corner